I had been storing my MP3s on Geocities and they are really getting bad.  If more that 4 files are download in an hour, they shut the site down for an hour for "exceeding traffic".  I'm currently looking for a new place to store files.  If anyone knows of a site where I can just use as a storage area, please let me know.   Thanks, FM


Go HERE --->>MP3 FILE STORAGE AREA  if the links below don't work.

I'm not trying to impress anyone with these and I didn't spend a lot of time on them. Also, I suffer from extreme stage fright, which includes microphones.  But some folks have asked, so here they are.

You may have to "right-click" and "save target as..." to download some of these.  Don't ask.  Damned if I know why.

Composer Title KBytes Posted
Tarrega, Francisco Pavana 1024


Sor, Fernando Waltz-Opus 31 No. 01 600 05Nov00
Anonymous What If a Day a Month 500 29Sep00
Kuffner, Joseph Allegro Moderato Op80, No19 934 29Sep00
DeVisee, Robert Allemande fr. Ste. in D Minor 900 04Aug00
Sor, Fernando Study in G, Op 31 #05 1034 new[1].gif (2034 bytes)
Kuffner, Joseph Andantino 1 346 30Jul00
Kuffner, Joseph Andantino 2 453 30Jul00
Kuffner, Joseph Waltz, Op 80 #20 325 30Jul00
Carcassi Andantino 710 29Feb00
Mozart, Amadeus Petite Piece 600 29Feb00
Bach, J. S. BourreeII 300? 29Feb00
Tarrega, Francisco Endecha (Prelude) 900 forgot

Go HERE --->>MP3 FILE STORAGE AREA  if the MP3 links above don't work.

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